How to protect a condom from bursting – 6 tips

Experts in the field of intimacy on have given some tips on how to protect a condom (and yourself) from an unexpected breakage and the risk of unwanted pregnancy and disease.

Do not overheat or cool the condom. To do this, store condoms in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight and the possibility of too much cooling (for example, not in a car in winter).

Do not use oil-based lubricants. Vaseline, coconut oil, lotion are not suitable – they lead to condom microbreaks.

Do not wear two condoms at once. You do not need to wrap your penis, you are not his grandmother – the contraceptive warrior in the field should be one. Condoms can tear from rubbing against each other.

Put it on correctly. To do this, practice first – check if the condom is intact, gently grip its ring with one hand and grip the tip with your thumb and forefinger with the other, then – roll the condom down.

Use lubricant to avoid tearing and micro-trauma to your vagina.

Find your size. Buy condoms that fit you without relying on price.

How to protect a condom from bursting – 6 tips