Why do you feel sad after sex and how to deal with it?

It happens that after a rough night with https://telegram-porn.com/catalog/product-category/channels/adult-content you suddenly begin to feel depressed and frustrated. The expert told why you feel sad and depressed after sex and what to do about it.

More and more often women can hear the story that she spent the night with a man, and after the end of the process she felt sad, sad, tears came. And the partner can be either her husband or just a sexual partner without any commitment.

What the science says about it

Melancholy state after sex is experienced by both men and women, and, as it became known from statistical studies, this phenomenon is quite widespread. Scientists explain postcoital dysphoria or “postsexual blues” by a number of factors, chief among which are hormones. Experiencing excitement, attraction to the partner before, as well as during intercourse, our body accumulates a huge amount of adrenaline, oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, which give the very sensations of pleasure and euphoria. Having reached peak values during coitus and orgasm, immediately after it the amount of all pleasure hormones drops sharply, which, in turn, causes a state of relaxation, and sometimes sadness, anxiety, emptiness.

What happens in terms of energy

Upset frustrated sad millennial woman feeling troubled with unwanted pregnancy, jealousy, abortion or bad relationship problems thinking of breaking up or divorce while boyfriend sleeping in bed

But in terms of energy everything looks different. Now I’ll tell you a terrible secret! All advice and recommendations of doctors, scientists about the frequency of sexual intercourse for the health of the human body are greatly exaggerated. At the age of up to 21 the young body does require frequent sex, and most importantly – it is able to withstand them. At the age of 21 to 35, the human body is mainly “sharpened” for development, formation and earning money. From age 21 to 28 the body is able to tolerate sex 2 times a week without appreciable loss of energy for other areas of his life. At the same age from 28 to 35 years old sex, which is able to give the maximum number of positive emotions, and at the same time not to spend all of the energy potential, occurs no more than 2 times a month. At the age of 35 the spiritual beginning takes roots in a man, his whole nature stretches to comfort, peacefulness, spirituality. More than sexual pleasures, he becomes interested in spiritual teachings, meditations. This doesn’t mean that sex disappears from life forever, it just means that interests and desires are reoriented in accordance with life cycles. You can read more about this in Osho (“The Seven Year Cycles of Life”).

I am convinced that every sane person is able to determine for himself/herself the frequency of his/her sexual life, the main thing is to remember that everything happens for a great mutual love, which can give only the brightest, unforgettable and happy experiences. A person, whose energy is competently distributed and does not “drain” constantly through the lower chakra, achieves great success in all spheres. If a person has a stable psyche, clear consciousness, harmony in everything, he or she a priori lacks anxiety, a sense of deficit or emptiness. After coitus and orgasm, such a person experiences euphoria and supreme pleasure.

Why do you feel sad after sex and how to deal with it?